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All for one and one for all

In everyday life we are witnessing a great alienation among people, flourishing of individualism and egocentrism, fear of straightforward and honest communication, loss of confidence, which are all occurring before our own eyes.

It is not my intention to make any analysis, but I do notice that my expeditions are joined more and more by people alienated from life, who climb peaks in order to get rid of some of their complexes, rather than to enjoy the Nature and spend time with like-minded people. It is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to create a good team spirit. During the previous expedition to Mt. Everest I witnessed a situation in which 400 mountaineers from around the world sat in the base camp while two Italians struggled for their lives somewhere at 7500m. Despite the distress signal no one wanted to respond. Helping someone in the mountain, saving someone’s life is a privilege that only a few people are ever offered and it is not to be missed.
Such situations enrich our souls and our lives.

On the other hand, if we are a part of a team strongly-bonded by mutual trust of its members, our confidence will be at a much higher level because we know we are not alone. I have often witnessed individuals with the skills and potential, insufficient for great accomplishment, achieving unbelievable results in such teams. Seneca proverb “All for one and one for all” has been and is for me the fundamental principle for the organization of the expeditions.

I know many would not agree, particularly those who feel superior to other members of the expedition and feel irritated by the need to demonstrate patience and support towards those “weaker” members. But the meaning of leadership is that everyone gets a fair chance to climb to the top.

Life is wonderful!

Dragan Jaćimović

Extreme Summit Team

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