11 May

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Within preparation framework for a mountain bike expedition Tibet 2012, the team has planned rides together to train, spend time together as a team and get to know each other better. On 31 May we are departing from Belgrade, via Užice, on our way to Sarajevo where the film from the last year’s mountain bike expedition Tibet will be shown. On Friday, 1 June, we are doing one of the most beautiful mountain bike tours in the Balkans. You can visit the following sites to see the reasons why it is considered to be the most beautiful tour, as recommended by National Geographic

Prenj is a magnificent mountain, one of the most beautiful in the region. Besides bikers, hikers are also welcome to join and they will have a special program. We will have accommodation in a mountain lodge at Rujište. In the evening, following a day of intense pedalling and climbing, we are attending a film presentation which is taking place in Mostar, starting at 8 o’clock p.m.; everybody is invited to stay after the film for a chat. Afterwards we will return to Rujište where the accommodation has been arranged.

Departure for Belgrade is planned for June 2, where we immediately pack our backpacks, spare tires, tents and head for Romania. The goal is to reach Sibiu, the foothill of the Carpathians and the famous Transfagarasan Highway. The team will spend 7 days in virgin lands and national parks of Romania. Departure back is scheduled for 9 June.
For all the information regarding Prenj and Transylvania MTB tours please send an e-mail to: itsmarkonikolic@gmail.com or call
Guide on Prenj i Transylvania MTB tours will be Marko Nikolić
All the mountaineers who wish to join us in Prenj may e-mail us to extremesummit@gmail.com
The mountain guide to Prenj will be Dragan Jaćimović

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