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Why go to the Himalayas

… when all the mountains in the world are the same, and the way to the summit provides us with the same opportunity to change and develop in a similar way?

Those who have been there at least one time surely knows the answer to this question, but how do you explain to the others in words and pictures what it is that makes this massif different and special. I believe it is the mission impossible, because, how can the one standing on the hill explain to the one standing at the foot of the hill what he sees, feels, and how much he has changed as a result of his long journey up the hill. And also, the path is not hiking, climbing, mountaineering … the path is in us. The Himalayas are a wonderful opportunity for a person to reach inside himself, to begin to change and to set off on a journey. It is a journey along a never- ending road, without provisional goals and trying to prove oneself to be successful.

It is the journey that makes all the masks fall down, that overrides the alienation and drama which our ego has built to “save” us from the others. It is a return to Nature and to that seed of the Divine which we carry within us.

Ten or more years ago I was also addicted to adrenaline. The only goal I had was to climb the top at all costs, regardless of the consequences. I was like the others who came to the Himalayas to prove to themselves and others that they can do it and to selfishly leave a part of their negative energy and take home a little peace and tranquility. However, that peace does not last long because it is not within us, it has just been borrowed from the others. It was only when I set off on a journey, thanks to the people who live there, that things started to change. I stopped going to the

Himalayas just to take. I began to give unconditionally, and a resulting harmony that emerged in me spread to my daily life. In addition to a variety of humanitarian activities I organized in the Himalayas, I began to encourage others to follow in the path of change and to be inspiration to others as I was an inspiration to them. A few weeks ago I happened to meet Veroljub Zmijanac, a young man who can be an example to many. Thanks to his resolve, and above all the courage, he was able to beat asthma by running and jogging. And it was not the end of that road for him. He made the portal http://www.astma.rs/ where he transfers his experience to others, helping people to set off on a journey of change. As though he is saying: If I could do it, so can you!

Veroljub is now going with us into the Himalayas, where he will try to reach the altitude of 5550m (I know he can do it!). During this journey, he will regularly write about his impressions and will share his experience with you all. To read his articles go to web page http://www.trcanje.rs/ or our web site address


Life is wonderful!

Dragan Jaćimović

Extreme Summit Team

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